Sizing for the stretch jeans is offered in an extensive range of sizes to provide a more flattering fit for more women. For each waist size there are two hip sizes offered, alternatively seen as two waist sizes for each hip, for example

27A - 27 waist / 36 hip

27B - 27 waist / 37 hip

28A - 28 waist / 37 hip

. This gives a more form fitting shape to women with smaller or larger hips, or alternatively smaller or larger waists. Longer and shorter lengths can be made upon request.  


Sizing for unisex pants has a full size range for a "traditional" women's fit (WXS, WS, WM, WL) and a "traditional" mens fit (MS, MM, ML, MXL). The women's fit (WXS-WL) has a slightly shorter rise and narrower waist, designed to be worn at high waist. The mens fit (MS-MXL) has a slightly longer rise/dropped crotch and a wider waist, meant to be worn at mid waist. The total length from waistband to hem is the same for all mens and womens sizes. 

If you need help determining a fit that is right for you, or you need a size that is not shown on the website, please email the studio for further information and guidance.